Zazen and Toddlers

I don’t know exactly what came over me last month but I know what gave me the push I needed to finish something. Something I’ve been turning over in my head since we had our girls 3 years ago. A friend of ours published a super awesome, and inclusive children’s book for Christmas . This […]

Doctor, Sensei, Ignoramus, Troll

Last year was some seriously weak sauce. I don’t need to send anyone back into a dark place with memories of that hated year, but last year definitely left me feeling trapped, stagnant and fearful. So in wanting to kick off January 2021 with a bang and a definite troll move on my part I […]


I dug you out, It was so obvious Quiet but steady Staring me in the eye the whole time Iron and cold Hairless, but we will fix that Begin.

Work In Progress

WIP I’ve definitely pounded those three letters into my keyboard in the last year. “A work in progress!” I triumphantly label. A way of saying “please excuse my mistakes, my flaws, and lack of development on this piece.” So much of my creative endeavors leave me questioning my place and title in the world. I […]

A poem

I am he who squats after she does My furry friend is first to pot The treasure that falls must be caught Weather sun or torrent from the sky I track them down where they lie Then away she scampers with a grin on her face Leaving all kinds of poo in her wake

Full Circle on GetHiroshima

Check out my listing for Full Circle on GetHiroshimas event page. Thanks to the team over there for all the years of support and love. GetHiroshima is the go to source for happenings in and around Hiroshima. They help travelers and expats find out whats going on deeper than the surface level touristy stuff. I […]

Roots and Requests

I think for me any act of creation is compulsive. Things come out of my hands whether I want them to or not. I used to get in trouble at work for scrawling on boxes or rearranging the fruit to look like people in a stadium. In school my books and papers were covered in […]